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Hello everyone!

The month of October has arrived and we thought it is a good idea to begin with a new project. This school year our Little Ones will share some adventures with TED and FRED.

Every Thursday one child will take Ted or Fred (depending whether they are in group A or group B) and their traveller’s chests home for the weekend, and will return them on Tuesday. In the traveller’s chest there are some scraps of fabric and special markers to paint with. The task is to spend some time with Ted or Fred and, before returning them to school, to attach your own scrap of fabric with the child’s name and a picture of your adventure to the remaining scraps which you will find in each chest. At the end of the project TED and FRED will each have a pretty patchwork made of their memories with our Little Ones.

Stay tuned and follow our blog to see Ted’s and Fred’s adventure scraps and other in-class activities!

















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